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New In The Aircraft Salvage Hangar - November 17, 2022

New In The Aircraft Salvage Hangar - November 17, 2022

Posted by BAS | Aircraft Salvage on 17th Nov 2022

Aircraft Salvage Hangar

November 17, 2022

This week's new inventory is quite an interesting group of salvage airplanes. First we have a Cessna 421C with a leather cabin and lots of seats. Next we have an EAA award winning Ryan Navion painted like an L-17 North American Navion, more on that below. We also have a nice little Piper PA28-180 and a Cessna 172F in the hangar this week.

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We know a lot of our clients have aircraft in the shop during these cold months for annuals, overhauls, upgrades, etc. If you see something that interest you or have a question, our team is on standby to help you get your airplane out of the mechanic shop and back in the air. If you need additional pictures, specs from a certain part, or any other info our team is one phone call away.

Call BAS at 970-313-4823. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4pm mountain standard time.

1978 Cessna 421C

This 1978 Cessna 421C twin engine airplane comes to us after an abrupt stop at the end of the runway. We are still assessing this airplane and our sales team will have updates on available parts in a day or so. If you need something from this airplane, call us ASAP and we will do all we can to accommodate - 970-313-4823.

This Cessna has Continental GTSIO-520-L engine, and a Continental GTSIO-520 engine. These engines are viable cores. This airplane had a fuel cell fire that didn't impact the engines, and they will not last long in our inventory. If you need engines or components, get in touch fast before they are gone.

This unit has a GREAT list of avionics available:

  • Garmin GNS 530W
  • PMA8000 Audio Panel
  • Collins VHF Nav/Com
  • DME
  • GTX345
  • TDR-810 Transponder
  • RDR 150
  • STEC 65 Autopilot

The original 421 was introduced to the market in 1968 and sold 200 units the first year, making it an instant hit. The 421C model became available in the mid 1970's and came to market with a new wing and landing gear, and is powered by twin Continental GTSIO-520-Ls or Ns engines. They removed the wing tip fuel tanks in exchange for a "wet wing" design on the 421C. This aircraft has a nice cabin that seats six or seven people.

Cessna 421C on Wikipedia

Check out our TikTok Video on this Cessna 421C

Cessna 421C wrecked airplane aircraft salvage unit 353wrecked Cessna 421 in the aircraft salvage hangar tail verticalCessna 421C cockpit before aircraft salvage disassemblyOne of two airplane engines from the wrecked Cessna 421 aircraft salvage unit 353Some interesting interior parts from the salvaged Cessna 421C airplaneRear cabin interior before we strip it down to the aluminum, wrecked Cessna 421 aircraft salvage yardleather interior on the Cessna 421C salvage aircraftonboard toilet in the Cessna 421C before we tear it down for used airplane parts

1948 Ryan Navion

This Ryan Aeronautical Navion is a 1948 model and painted to look like the original North American Aviation version. This is a very interesting aircraft with a lot of backstory. The original Navion was built by North American Aviation in an attempt to swoon WWII pilots into flying their friends and family around back home, during peace time. North American Aviation originally sold their Navion version for about 1/3 of the cost of manufacturing before Ryan Aeronautical bought the design in 1947.

Regardless of who owned the design rights, the Navion was well used in military aviation and civil air patrol after WWII.

In 2003 the design rights were sold again to Sierra Hotel Aero out of South St. Paul Minnesota.

We have the log books and bill of sale for this aircraft. It comes equipped with a Continental E-225-4 engine and a Hartzell HC 12V20-7 propeller.

We expect to collect a significant number of parts from this Navion. If you are in need, let us know!

Learn more about the Ryan Navion series of airplanes from  Wikipedia.

Current PA28 parts inventory

Ryan Navion in the shop for disassemblyRyan Navion instrument panel, yokes, and controls during the disassembly process for the salvage airplanerearear interior on the Ryan Navion unit 354 in the aircraft salvage yard hangarBeautiful engine on the Ryan Navion unit 354, in the salvage hangar for disassembly

WWII era seats from the Ryan Navion airplane salvage unit 354

1963 Piper PA28-180 Cherokee

This Piper PA28-180 Cherokee ran into a hangar on start up, causing a prop strike and some light damage to the aircraft. Piper airplane parts are always in high demand and we will get a lot of useful parts and components from this unit. The Piper PA-28 received its type cert in 1960 and has been in production ever since.

We have the log books and bill of sale. This Piper has a Lycoming O-360-A3A engine.

We will get the avionics list posted ASAP

Current Piper PA28 parts inventory

Piper PA28-180 Cherokee airplane salvage in the disassembly hangarPiper PA28 Cherokee cockpit and instrument panels in the aircraft salvage hangar1963 Piper PA28-180 Cherokee with door open | BAS Aircraft Salvage1963 Piper PA28-180 Cherokee front wheel and landing gear, with wheel pants | BAS Used Airplane PartsLycoming airplane engine in the Piper PA28 currently being disassembled at BAS Part Sales, the world leader in aircraft salvage1963 Piper PA28-180 Cherokee wings available for sale from BAS Part Sales1963 Piper PA28-180 Cherokee fixed landing gear mounted to the wing | BAS Part SalesPiper airplane wings in the aircraft salvage hangar at BAS Part Sales


1965 Cessna 172F

This Cessna 172F was forced to land in a field where the nose wheel impacted rising terrain, causing a prop strike. 

The Cessna 172F came to market in 1965 and delivered an electronic flap system that replaced the lever-operated system. Interestingly enough, the Cessna 172F was used as a flight trainer by the US Air Force. The 172F was built in France until 1971. Cessna 172's are popular airplanes and we get a lot of phone calls when we move one through the hangar. If you are in need, get in touch.

We have the log books and bill of sale. This Cessna 172F has a Continental 0-300 SER engine.

The avionics list includes:

  • KX 170B Nav Com
  • Narco MK 12D TSO

Current Cessna 172F parts in inventory

Wrecked Cessna 172F stripped to the fuselage in the BAS aircraft salvage hangar