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We know that flying is a passion, and spending time in the air is a joy, but there may come a time when it’s either not safe or affordable to keep up your aircraft. So if you’re in a situation where your plane is causing you more trouble than it’s worth, let us help. We pay cash. We close fast. We will arrange transport too.


When you need cash for your plane, get a no-obligation offer from the aviation experts at BAS Part Sales. We’re happy to work with you to find a fair price for your aircraft, regardless of its condition or age.


Whether it flies or not, get in touch to learn how much cash we can offer for your unwanted aircraft.

BAS Part Sales buys airplanes, wrecked aircraft, new airplanes, broken airplanes, salvage aircraft and more. Get an offer for your airplane now.

How Does Selling Your Aircraft Work?

When you’re ready to sell your aircraft BAS Part Sales is ready to buy!


Step 1: Complete the form below and be as thorough and complete as possible. The more information and the more detailed the images, the faster we can make an offer.


Step 2: We will send you a cash offer for your aircraft. We typically do this very quickly but this process can sometimes take a few days.


Step 3: Accept our offer and we will follow up with details on how we can execute the deal and arrange transport for your aircraft.


The fastest way to get your cash offer is to complete the form below with detailed images and thorough information about your aircraft. We must gather all of the necessary information in order to provide you with a fair offer for your aircraft. After we have everything we need, we’ll get back to you quickly.

We Routinely Buy Top Brands

While we will buy almost any aircraft - airplane or helicopter - our favorite brands include Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Rockwell, Cirrus, Mooney, Robinson, Bell, Air Tractor, and many more. If you are unsure, email our Purchasing Department at with questions; or complete the form below with as much detail as possible, and one of our agents will be in touch as soon as possible.

Full Airplanes

If you have a complete airplane, our team can buy it from you — whether it runs or not! We routinely purchase full, almost complete, and wrecked or damaged aircraft and take it upon ourselves to transport them home, disassemble them, clean the parts, and list them for sale. This takes a huge step out of your selling process and means you can complete a straightforward transaction, get paid quickly, and be done with it.

Part By Part

If you are looking to sell individual parts, we take those too! Depending on the condition of the parts and the state of our inventory, we will work with you to find a fair price that benefits both parties. If you are still in the process of building a new plane yourself, you can always shop with us online to find parts that fit your needs, and we will happily buy any parts you do not need any longer.

At this time, we are not buying individual parts

or parts inventories from the general public.

Is Your Aircraft...

A Damaged Or Crashed Aircraft Without Insurance


If your aircraft suffered a crash or some other form of damage and you don’t have the insurance to get it fixed, it can quickly become a burden. It will likely start to deteriorate even further because you aren’t able to care for the plane. But you don’t have to stress, you can sell your aircraft to BAS Part Sales — we buy planes with any type of damage!

Unsafe To Fly

You may also find that one day your plane becomes unsafe to fly. This can happen quickly with a faulty component, structural or weather damage, or from a wide range of other issues. Once again, the necessary repairs can be expensive, and simply not worth it for you to fix. Even if your plane is unsafe to fly, you can still sell it to our team!

Storage Cost Too High

Even when your airplane is in excellent condition, the cost of storing it can quickly spiral out of control. While the cost of storage may be worth it when you regularly fly your plane, the storage costs can become an issue when you don’t get to use your aircraft much anymore. If you want to get rid of your storage bills and earn money simultaneously, you can sell your plane to BAS Part Sales!

A Never-Ending Project

Maintaining your airplane may have been a passion project at one point in your life, but at some point the investment may have become too great, either in time or money. If your repairs and projects on your aircraft have started to snowball out of control or you just do not have the time to take care of it any longer due to other obligations, the team at BAS Part Sales can take the stressful plane off your hands.

Near Or Past Engine TBO

If you have had your plane for a long period of time or you bought it used, it may be time for your engine to be overhauled or replaced. However, this can be expensive and time-consuming to complete. If you don’t have the time or resources to overhaul or replace your engine, you can count on BAS Part Sales to purchase your plane from you so you don’t have to stress about increasing bills, storage costs, and more.


While engines are often the most expensive or complicated to replace when they are over TBO, we can still buy your airplane if any part or component on your plane is over TBO and you are not planning to replace it.

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