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About Us

BAS is known as the sister company of the highly regarded Beegles Aircraft Services. In 2010, our President Jared Boles, started selling airplane parts for Beegles. In 2012 BAS officially took off and became its own entity. Since then, we have worked out of Beegles’ wreck hauling shop, moved after 2 years into our first hangar, then finally settled down in a 60,000 square foot hangar. We have grown from 1 mechanic and 1 lister/shipper to 5 listers, 4 mechanics, 2 shop hands, 1 cleaner, 1 shipper, 1 fulfillment manager, 1 finance manager, 1 sales / store manager, and 1 care and culture manager.  We go through a process of buying salvaged planes, disassembling them, cleaning the parts, then listing the parts. We have a wide range of inventory including Cessna, Beech, Piper, Rockwell, Cirrus, Mooney, Robinson, and Air Tractors. We have worked hard to become the largest internet-based platform for parts. We continue to strive for growth as we are always exploring more ways to promote BAS. At BAS we focus on excellence, integrity, community, generosity, and growth. Our purpose is to build a relationship that serves and empowers you. Our vision is to be the number one trusted and sought-after source of aircraft parts for our quality service, systematic operations, and customer experience. We have a mission to strive for internal growth so we can provide you with an excellent customer experience, saving you time and money so you have the freedom to do more of what you love. Welcome to the BAS family!


Excellence- We are committed to being consistent with our productivity and efficiency. That is why we are able to answers your questions, send parts out quickly, and offer fair prices.
Integrity- We feel it is our responsibility to be honest with our work/parts. Our honesty is how we show respect to our customers and our employees.
Community- Showing compassion and kindness through our daily commitment to our internal and external relationships is how we form the BAS community.
Generosity- This is shown by giving our time, efforts, and money to those in need of it.
Growth- We are determined to grow as we challenge ourselves to innovate while empowering all to follow.

Meet Our Team

Jared Boles
Jared is the man that started it all. Before he established BAS, he was a shop hand, wreck hauler, shipper, parts manager, IT manager, and sales manager for Beegles. His favorite part about being the owner is creating relationships with his employees. You will always find him at a baseball game, whether it's professional or his son's. His family enjoys boating and skiing. Jared also enjoys Mexican food.
Matthew Rangel
Sales Manager
Matt was here before BAS was offically established, he started in May 2011. He started as a shop hand at our sister company Beegles, became the researcher/lister, the shipper, and finally settled into sales. He manages the store and loves helping people locate hard to find parts. He enjoys his time with his friends and is always up for some thin crust pizza.
Michael Rangel
Fulfillment Manager
Mike started off as a cleaner in August 2015. He was a mechanic, the shipper/receiver, and now he is the fulfillment manager. He loves being able to do any mechanic work when he gets the chance. You can find Mike at the gym, hanging out with family/friends, shooting, or enjoying the fresh air. Mike will never say no to his mom's cooking because anything she makes is his favorite.

Nolan Lanckriet
Finance Manager
BAS brought Nolan on board in August 2017. He started as a shop hand, moved to mechanic, became our book-keeper which led to becoming the finance manager. Buying airplanes and organizing logbooks is his favorite part of his job. Nolan loves shooting, working out, and spending time with friends. He's always up for some pizza and beer. 

Isaiah Rossman
Shipping and Receiving
Isaiah joined the team in September 2018. He started as a lister for the Duff store, then he was a shop hand, processed inventory, and is now the shipper. His favorite part of his job is making boxes for parts. In his freetime he enjoys baseball, hiking, and eating sushi.
Ronnie Buderus
Shop Manager
BAS swooped Ronnie up in March 2018. He started as a shop hand, moved to parts cleaner, now he does disassembly and is the shop manager. He enjoys taking avionics out. When Ronnie isn't at work, he is at the gym or is hanging out with friends...or you can find him eating Mexican food.
David Saffer
Shop Lead
Dave has been with BAS since January 2013. Dave has done researching, cleaning, handling logbooks, office remodeling, disassembly, and is now the shop lead. Dave enjoys helping his guys whenever they need it. He loves messing with RC cars with his kids and eating pizza.
Beau Little
BAS has enjoyed Beau's company since July 2017. Beau has experience in cleaning, wreck hauling, being a shop hand, and is now a mechanic. He enjoys taking the planes apart. When Beau isn't working, he is eating some wings, working out, or snowboarding.
Luke Dowdy
Shop Hand
Luke can be found racing motorcorss or hanging with friends. His favorite food is hot wings. Luke has been at BAS since June 2020. Something he enjoys is helping the mechanics when he gets the chance.
Sam Lechman
Sam has been at BAS since December 2019. He started as a shop hand and is now the parts cleaner. Something he enjoys the most is helping the guys move airplanes around the shop. Outside of work you can find Sam eating a pizza or going on a hike!
Matthew "Sny" Snyder
Listing Lead
You can always find Sny at the gym or trying new recipes on his grill. He has been at BAS since March 2013. He's done disassembly, cleaning, and listing. Something he loves about his job is memorizing the parts book and learning more about parts. 
Geoff Watkins
Lister / Duff Store Manager
Geoff started at BAS in January 2015. He has worn many hats since then; shop hand, cleaner, lister, and Duff store manager. He enjoys walk-in customers the most and is always happy to help. Outside of work, Geoff loves eating buffalo chicken, spending time with his family, shooting, and fishing.
Jessica MaGee
Jessica joined the BAS family in January 2021. She is a researcher and lister. Her favorite part of her job is picturing the parts. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys hamburgers, going to the gym, and hiking!
Jenni Erickson
Jenni started working with the Duff inventory in October 2017. Since then, she has dabbled in listing/researching. Now she does inventory for BAS Part Sales. Her favorite part is being able to expand the parts' storage bins. Outside of work you can find Jenni eating Mexican food, gardening, scrapbooking, and spending time with family.
Karli Linnebur-Watkins
Karli joined the BAS Duff Stuff team in October 2018. She has been a lister/researcher since then. Now she does all the listings for BAS Part Sales and BAS Duff Stuff. Her favorite part of her job is looking up a part in the manual. When she is not at work, she is with family/friends, shopping, fishing, or going to concerts eating whatever she is in the mood for! 
Arika Stewart
Care and Culture Manager
Arika started in July 2019 as a researcher/lister. She has since moved to the Care and Culture Manager. Some of her roles include human resources, party planning, payroll, catering, and creating a fun atmosphere. One of her favorite things is to fill up her candy bowl because it makes everyone else so happy. Outside of work, you can catch Arika hanging out with her friends and family, her dog, or eating something sweet!