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Administration Team

BAS Care & Culture  |  HR

The work culture at BAS is second to none. Many companies talk about good culture and working as one big BAS, we live those words every day. That's why we created the position of Care & Culture Manager. The BAS Care & Culture Manager's job is to stay connected to the various teams across all departments and multiple states and seek out proactive ways to keep the company connected and moving forward in a positive and healthy environment. Our outstanding BAS culture is not luck or happenstance. It has been cultivated through the years to reflect our values in our daily work life and our customer relationships. Much of the success that BAS has experienced is a direct result of how well our people work together to achieve the organization's goals, and we enjoy coming to work every day to do it. How we treat each other internally is the same as how we treat our customers: with care, kindness, honesty, and integrity. This effort to cultivate such a wonderful work life at BAS has produced dividends in so many ways. The Care & Culture Manager role was created to take ownership of our great work culture and pay close attention to how we protect it and prosper from it.

Bailey Templeman

Care & Culture Manager

Human Resources


The BAS family continues to grow as our business continues to evolve. Maintaining the finances of a constantly growing company is a full-time job, so we brought in a full-time professional to keep us on track.

Theresa Laswell

Financial Controller