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E-Commerce Team

BAS Researchers

The BAS Research Team comprises dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to identify, document, image, and prepare our aviation parts for sale. The Research Team takes every item, no matter how large or small, through a lengthy process that ensures accuracy and makes available to our customers the most information possible, with the click of your mouse or swipe of your thumb. Our website and the BAS Mobile App are powerful tools in the aviation industry, and that is largely due to the hard work and expertise of the BAS Research Team.


You might even catch one of our Research Team members answering your sales call too!

Matt Snyder

Senior Researcher

11 Years

Jessica MaGee


3 Years

Matt Murray


Tyler Carroll


Brandi Allee


Ayla Downing


Gaby George


Megan Traylor


BAS Listers

The team of Listers at BAS are responsible for creating the e-commerce listings that our business thrives on. Their work starts on our website and then propagates through a multitude of e-commerce channels, industry websites, social media platforms, the BAS Mobile App, and other outlets where you can find BAS aviation parts for sale.

Karli Watkins

Listing Lead

6 Years

Arika Rangel


4 Years

Macy Mauch


Brianne Stinar


BAS Inventory Control

Jenni is our inventory control specialist in the warehouse at the Greeley headquarters. She spends her time meticulously organizing the inventory in the main warehouse to ensure that all of the items on the shelf are listed and that items listed on the store are on the shelf and ready to ship. Jenni is an integral part of our operation and ensures we can ship your item the same day you order with supreme accuracy.

Jenni Erickson

Inventory Control

7 Years