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History of BAS

New Kid on the Block


BAS Part Sales was unofficially founded in 2002, when now founder and President, Jared Boles saw an opportunity in the used parts market. At the time, Jared worked for the highly regarded Beegles Aircraft Service as the shipping manager. During his time, he handled the bulk of the parts purchasing for Beegles’ aircraft repair jobs. Throughout his time working for Beegles, Jared noticed that new aircraft parts were extremely expensive, often had spotty availability, and lousy customer service.

While aircraft salvage companies weren’t a nuanced idea at the time, it was a new and exciting idea as there were improvements to be made in the market of aircraft salvage. This idea soon turned into a reality as Jared got the “go-ahead” to start the small parts operation within Beegles. At first, it was small scale and slow paced as there wasn’t much in terms of funds and space allocated towards the new venture. Jared would work at night disassembling aircraft, cleaning parts, researching part numbers, and listing on eBay. As inventory grew at a steady pace, so did orders. The slow growth, but growth nonetheless, lead into a higher allocation of time, money, space, and personnel.

Jared was able to steal a shop hand from Beegles by the name of Matt Rangel, who is now sales manager. Matt worked with Jared part time at first to ship out packages from the Beegles shipping department. Soon after, the unnamed entity within Beegles was given some space in the building that shared space with Beegles Recovery and Storage. Space may be a bit of an exaggeration considering it consisted of a 20ft X 20ft garage with 8ft ceilings, 7ft tall garage door, and a severe lack of insulation, but it would do just the trick.

The soon-to-be-named BAS Part Sales was growing steadily as they brought on mechanic David Saffer and later mechanic-turned-shipper, Mike Rangel. The company was starting to disassemble aircraft faster to grow the part inventory that was listed on eBay. Sales were also picking up as the variety of parts expanded. Because of such growth, the venture officially became a separate company from Beegles Aircraft Service and would be named BAS Part Sales in 2012. Being named a separate company symbolized the progress the company was making. BAS Part Sales was given the credit of being a company instead of an internal venture, which spoke volumes to the confidence that the company could stand on its own.

BAS Part Sales was starting to take large strides as they acquired more space in the form of a storage yard and building for more parts. The forementioned storage yard helped the company expand the inventory and sales for years, but it would soon, not be enough. Space was starting to become scarce for parts and you can only have a limited inventory when you have limited space. Therefore, in 2017, BAS acquired a building that just so happened to be right next door to the start of it all, Beegles Aircraft Service. The building was thought to be (at the time) almost too much space. 11,000 sq ft of building with another 13,000 sq ft of ramp space made out to be one large upgrade. Soon after moving into the new building, BAS hung up the help wanted signs. They were hiring parts researchers/listers in the form of Matt Snyder and Geoff Watkins. The added staff greatly increased productivity. The BAS Crew was soon disassembling an aircraft at a pace of one a week.

Within a three year period, BAS had outgrown their space in the 11,000 sq ft hangar. Thankfully, they had acquired a 50,000 sq ft hangar just across the airport in early 2018 that was full of parts. Throughout the years spanning 2017 to 2020 the 50,000 sq ft building, previously owned by Bill Duff, was cleared out and cleaned up. Beginning in 2019, construction started on the Duff building as it would be the future home of BAS Part Sales.

Fast-forwarding to the Fall of 2020, BAS started prepping for the move months in advance to later move into the new, state-of-the-art building in November of 2020. Currently, BAS Part Sales resides at the forementioned hangar in Greeley, CO and is growing faster than ever. They stive to provide the best quality parts at great prices with an outstanding customer experience. Their parts include most piston aircraft with Cessna, Beech, Piper, Robinson, Cirrus, Mooney, and many other parts. BAS prides themselves in being one of the best if not the best in aircraft salvage. They are always striving to innovate with technology and customer service, ultimately to make the experience better for customers. If you are ever in need of parts, they have a whole team to get your part out quick, or help you find what you’re looking for even if it is with somebody else. For a young company, they are making their name known in the industry and are on track to be the largest aircraft salvage operation in the possibly, not too distant future.