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Mechanic Team

The BAS Mechanic Team

The BAS Mechanic Team is an expert crew of aviation mechanics who know how to surgically disassemble an aircraft. Our mechanics are skilled at moving quickly through an aircraft to remove as many usable and serviceable parts as possible while making sure what's left goes into the proper recycling channel. When they are done with an aircraft, a stripped, bare-bones fuselage is all that is left to move out of the hangar. From the time that aircraft enters the hangar until that fuselage is ready to move into the yard, the BAS Mechanics are laser-focused on providing maximum value to our customers around the world.


While the Mechanic Team spends most of their time in the disassembly shop at BAS Headquarters in Greeley, they do go on the road from time to time. You might find the team somewhere in North America disassembling an aircraft for transport back to the shop. Or, you might find the guys in the airfield at BAS Kansas City removing the final components from the over 1,800 aircraft waiting for disassembly in Bates City, MO.

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