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Sales Team

The Greeley Sales Team

The BAS Sales Team is stacked with the aviation knowledge and expertise you need. This group of professionals has been with BAS for a long time, Matt Rangel has been with us since the beginning. They have held multiple roles, worked almost every job in the building, and know airplane parts - and parts books - inside and out.


You can reach the sales department during business hours - 7:30 am to 4 pm Mountain Standard Time - by calling 970-313-4823, via email at, through the live chat on our website or mobile app, or through your favorite social media platform.


The BAS Sales Team is ready to assist in any way possible, such as verifying the right part or part number, taking measurements or additional pictures, discussing or arranging shipping and transit prior to your purchase, or anything else you need to be confident that you are buying the right part from the right people.

Matt Rangel

Senior Sales Lead

12 Years


Mike Rangel

8 Years


Geoff Watkins

8 Years


The Kansas City Sales Team

With the acquisition of White Industries in 2023, BAS Part Sales took a giant leap forward. Along with the millions of parts, 100,000+ sq ft of hangar space, and nearly 2,000 fuselages we acquired, we also gained a valuable group of people. The team at BAS Kansas City is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. And they are ready to help you find the general aviation or business jet parts you need - from nuts and bolts to whole airplanes.


Read more about our White Industries acquisition here

Juan Castro

KC Sales Lead


Matt Brewe

Mike Hutfles