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Sell Your Airplane Parts

At this time, BAS is not buying individual parts inventories.

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Get Cash For Your Surplus Aviation Parts Inventory

As one of the world's leading supplier of used, salvage, and new-old stock general aviation parts...we are always looking to expand our inventory.

Do you have an unwanted inventory of aviation parts for prop-driven, turbo-prop, or other general aviation airplanes and helicopters from manufacturers such as Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Air Tractor, Mooney, Robinson Helicopter, or others?

Are you sitting on usable airplane parts that your current repair or maintenance customers don't need? Have you got parts left over from that last overhaul that you can't do anything with? Did you over-buy for that project airplane and need to get rid of the excess parts? Have you got parts inventory in your way, taking up valuable shelf or floor space?

BAS Part Sales is a buyer for those unwanted airplane parts. We always want to add high-quality used, salvage, and new-old stock parts to our inventory.

Whether it's one part, or 100,000 parts...We will close fast and pay cash for your unwanted aviation parts inventory.

How Long Has It Been Since You Touched Those Parts?

6 months? 1 year? Several years? More? Turn them into cash when you sell to BAS Part Sales.


We buy surplus parts and whole inventories for a wide range of reasons. Most commonly those parts are just unneeded and the cash in hand is more useful than parts on a shelf collecting dust.


When you are ready to get an offer on those surplus airplane parts call us or fill out the form below. 


We'll buy a few parts, or your whole inventory...It doesn't matter how large or small.

We're Ready To Buy...and Close Fast!

As you can see from our website, we sell an extensive range of aviation parts that we typically remove from the aircraft that we purchase. We have about 50,000 listings on our website from 500+ brands that cover most of the general aviation makes and models going back many decades. We add thousands of new items monthly and disassemble over 100 unique aircraft in a calendar year.

If you have similar parts and components that you are not using, we'll buy them from you. The best method for getting an offer is to fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible. Part lists, Word documents, Excel sheets, Google sheets, etc., are very helpful. As many images as you can reasonably provide also helps us formulate an offer quickly.

When we work out the details, we will facilitate transport to our hangar in Greeley, CO. Don't let the daunting task of transporting your inventory to our hangar stop you from getting an offer.

Ultimately, we will reach out to discuss what you have in order to broker a deal that works for both of us.

We are on the lookout for...

Aviation parts such as...

  • Landing Gear
  • Avionics
  • Instruments
  • Airframe Components
  • Engines & Components
  • Fuel System Components
  • Electronics & Indicators
  • Control Components
  • and much more

Parts from aircraft such as...

  • Single Engine Piston Aircraft
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Turbo Prop Aircraft
  • Float Planes
  • Tail Draggers
  • 2 & 4 Seat Helicopters
  • Trainers
  • Back Country Flyers
  • and more

From brands such as...

  • Cessna
  • Beechcraft
  • Mooney
  • Piper
  • Air Tractor
  • Cirrus
  • Lycoming & Continental
  • Garmin, King, Bendix, etc.
  • and more

Aviation parts, components, and inventories we've recently purchased

Get a Cash Offer On Your Airplane Parts!

In order to make an offer, we need details on your items or inventory. Be thorough and we will make an offer fast. If you need to discuss your specifics over the phone, just let us know and we will be in touch ASAP!