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Cessna Single-Engine Project Airplanes For Sale

Cessna Single-Engine Project Airplanes For Sale

Posted by Clinton McJenkin on Mar 12th 2024

Ready For Your Next Cessna Project?

BAS Part Sales has acquired a treasure trove of Cessna aircraft that comes from the JW Duff Aircraft Company inventory. This lot was hidden away many years ago and has been stored in a hangar since JW Duff closed his doors. When BAS Part Sales originally purchased the Duff inventory in 2017, we did not acquire this hoard of single-engine aircraft or the massive parts collection associated with it. But the collection has remained intact, and now it's ours to sell.


Each aircraft in this group is unique in some way. Some have engines and props. Some are complete airplanes missing engines and props. Most are sitting on landing gear with brakes and tires. Gear extenders and Cleveland wheels are common amongst these fuselages. This is a diverse group of aircraft in various stages of completeness. There is a HUGE inventory of parts in this lot.

We have a whole box of log books, registrations, records, etc. Some are quite complete, and others are more minimal. Some fuselages are missing logs and records altogether.

From this huge Cessna inventory, we ended up with seven aircraft that could be re-registered. We sold three of those units early on, and now have four unique Cessna project planes available.

But That's Not All...

The total count from this inventory was...17 Fuselages, 27 Wings, 7 Engines, and numerous surfaces, seats, doors, rods, yokes, cowlings, and much much more!

Originally we intended to sell this inventory as one big unit. But the opportunity presented itself to create some unique project airplanes and move most of the other parts and components into our on-line inventory, making them available for sale through our store.


If you have questions, please reach out to or call Nolan directly at 970-414-7307. We do have more pictures of the aircraft that we can send over.


The buyer is responsible for quickly moving this inventory from Greeley, CO. But if you are interested and need help, get in touch.

Some images from the collection...

Cessna airplanes for sale
cessna fuselage for sale
single-engine cessna airplane parts for sale
Cessna control surface for sale
cessna airplane parts for sale
Cessna wings for sale

We have acquired a special inventory of Cessna 120, 140, and 150 aircraft, parts, control surfaces, engines, doors, and much more. We have put together four Cessna project airplanes that are ready to be rebuilt and back in the air. Read more for details.